Marietta Health & Rehab is a 24-hour a day, compassionate, skilled therapy and rehabilitation center. Our focus is toward increased improvement and restoration of the patient’s health.

Residents at Marietta Health & Rehabilitation receives the appropriate amount of attention. Our Center is a services-enriched community designed to care for the needs of residents needing 24-hour medical care and temporary or long term rehabilitative stay. We provide restorative skilled nursing care and a comprehensive rehabilitation program for people recovering from a disabling illness or injury. Assistance is provided in a subtle and dignified manner by our specially trained licensed staff. Our philosophy of care is our cornerstone-care that results from sincere professionals who enjoy giving extra attention to service, an extra smile, and that special touch that makes a real difference.

What to expect:  Most likely, you have just come from a hospital stay and you may be anxious about your time at our center. Our team at Marietta Health & Rehabilitation understands the difficulty in making the right placement decision for your family member. Our Care Transition Coordinator is available to meet you in the home or hospital to assist with coordinating the care of your family member pre and post hospital to ensure a smooth transition to our healthcare center.

Meeting Expectations: For some residents, MH&R will become their home. For many residents, their stay at MH&R is a short term visit to recover from surgery, an injury or a serious illness….before going home. Regardless of the reason for your stay, we want to ensure that you receive quality care and that we meet and exceed your expectations.